Hamilton, Ontario

July 13th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hamilton, Ontario. Canada

Date: Thursday July 13 2006 at 2am

Approach Direction: Going towards Niagra

Departure Direction: Hamilton mountain

Witness Direction: South I think the mountain is

Description: well I was looking at the sky and there is a flashing tower there and I live at the top of a building. I was outside and I noticed a red and white flashing light low on the mountain going towards this tower. well I thought it was a plane cause it was foggy and they do fly low but then I thought the lights are going right to left and left to right and it moved slower then a plane. I freaked out and ran inside to get a camera and when I went back it was gone. now it was flying along the mountain edge that is wierd cause its not a flight path and it was to low to be a plane and it would have crashed into the tall tv tower if it was. I dont know what it was but if u hear anything let me know I feel crazy lol

Color/Shape: white red lights to dark to see anything

Height & Speed: high over tree tops fast as 50 km

TV/Radio/Press: wrote to the news to ask if they heard anything else


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