East Side Of London, Ontario

July 18th/19th 2006

East Side Of London, Ontario Strange Lights & Triangles

Date: July 18/19, 2006
Time: 10:30pm-1:50am

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Bright white light.

Full Description of event/sighting: At around 10:30pm on July 18th, I noticed a burst of white light that appeared very high in the sky east of my location (East London). As soon as it became apparent, it sped off at an incredible speed toward the NEE. The sky was clear save for a light haze that took some of the night's darkness away. This was also accented by a bright crescent moon in the NE. What was remarkable about this sighting (I've had others as I am very aware and observant) was that this object left what looked like a vapor trail that lasted for about 5 seconds. This confirmed to me that I indeed saw something. Intrigued by my good fortune, I was compelled to observe further a little later. As luck would have it, at roughly 1:50am I saw another.

This second one appeared more like a satellite crossing the sky, except for the fact that I had never seen one travel from the NW to the SE. Curious, I tracked it until it changed direction and went due East. After around 20 seconds in this direction it faded out, or I simply lost it in the night sky. Still feeling fortunate, I sat around and continued to look at this same area of sky, also shared by UFO #1. Low and behold a third UFO (I didn't say saucer) flashed across this area. It was a quick white-blue streak less intense than #1, but still brighter than a shooting star or meteorite. And then about 3 minutes later, another one in the same area shot off like UFO #3. These didn't fall toward earth, but instead remained on the horizontal. Of course I won't be setting up camp in my backyard to observe, but this is an unusually active night of which I feel, given more free time, one could easily observe more activity judging by this unusual frequency of sightings. And yes people it is really this simple. Problem is that it hurts the neck looking up for extended periods, so we mostly focus on terrestrial objects. I only wish I had decent video equipment, as I'm confident that I could record some.

I'd like to also add that I too have seen a Black Triangular saucer back in 2004 in Toronto. At around 2:15am I noticed the craft leaving from downtown Toronto's direction and following the QEW highway West across Etobicoke until it reached south Mississauga. Like other reports, what was really uneasy about this one is that it wasn't high at all, which gave me a great view (I lived just off the QEW). As I observed, not breathing and with my heart stopped, it flew dead silent. It flew perfectly level and did not waiver a bit. It did have 3 large red lights or pads on the underside in each of the angles, and a smaller red light in the center. It was very eerie how precise and exact it moved, almost like a stalking shark gliding through the water. When it reached South Mississauga, just past the 427 Hwy, it stopped and 4 seconds later it kind of shook and then BAMM, it took off in a direction that I could not discern.

I also saw one on the ground in Pickering (In the forest surrounding the Metro Zoo) that generated a fantastic twisting funnel of alternating colours of light that went up into the sky to join in a low cloud cover. This cloud cover extended south and came down on the Pickering Power Plant. The closer it got to the plant, the oranger the cloud became. It is also my belief that this was responsible for the incredible winds and lightning that was occurring, and yet the storm made no sound! I was living on the 16th floor of an apartment bldg on the east side of Scarborough that also faced east, giving me a great view. This mini storm also managed to push my east facing windows glass right out of the rubber that held it in its frame. Luckily the bottom held, and I was able to push it up and duct tape till morning. In the morning the flashing/cap at the top of the building on the east side was blown off in almost every spot, and went hurtling down to stick in the ground like daggers. Luckily it was around 3am, so there were no casualties that I was aware of. My wife also witnessed this, but remains silent on her belief as to what it was. I don't want to tell you the whole story for fear that you might think it too unbelievable, and possibly that I may not be completely sane.

All I can say from my experiences is that I don't need anybody to tell me that we are not alone, I already know the answer.

If I get any pictures or video, I promise to get it up to you.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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