East Vancouver, British Colombia

July 20th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: East Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, looking south-east

Date: 07/20/06, in between 1:55 am / 2:05 am

Approach Direction: came from west, played a little zigzags while i was looking south east

Departure Direction: then went north

Witness Direction: looking south-east

Description: it looked like 2-3 flashing lights alligned . . . doing a pattern of colors one after another, starting blood red ( stayed longer ) then green then blue .. looping. doing zigzags in the sky. for sure it wasnt a plane ! couldnt see the shape really because it was nighttime. the lights always stayed face to me ( even in the zigzag ) doing the red, green, blue thing so that's why i knew it wasn't a plane

Color/Shape: red, green, blue flashing lights. weird motor sound or mostly like if it pushed air to fly !! sorry hard to explain.

Height & Speed: approx 15000 feet of the ground, quick zigzags in the sky, not quick enough to lose it with your own eyes


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