North Bay, Ontario

July 23rd & 25th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: North Bay Ontario

Date: July 23 * 1217 am
  July 25 @ 1017 pm (local time)

Approach_Direction: July 23-east
  July 25-east

Departure_Direction: July 23-south
  July 25-unknown

Witness_Direction: July 23-south
  July 25-east

Description: July 23-I was sitting watching a sitcom in my livingroom when I noticed what I thought was a plane in the sky. When I looked back ten minutes later, the object was in the same position. I got up and proceeded to observe it with my binoculars. It appeared to be round in shape, with red, green, white, and yellow lights flashing on it. Two other people witnessed it. We also observed it moving forwards, sideways and backwards. We contacted our local paper, to see if anyone else witnessed it. On July 25, we saw the same thing, but immediately notified our CFB base. They made a report. It was the eeriest thing that I have ever seen. It defies all explanation.

Color/Shape: round/oval. green, red, yellow, white lights flashing on it

Height & Speed: above airplane level. Unable to determine speed-hovered for a long period of time in one area (approx. 20km an hour)

TV/Radio/Press: Contacted the North Bay Nugget for July 23rd sighting
  Contacted the CFB North Bay for the July 25th sighting and filed a report


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