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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Please note that the reports in this section have been submitted to UFOINFO/UFO ROUNDUP and accepted in good faith. No investigation has been carried out by UFOINFO.

With the increasing use of digital cameras we are seeing more photos showing alleged 'UFOs' - many of these could be insects, cloud shapes etc. As many readers have asked to see the photos I will be using some of them and leaving it up to the individual to make up their own mind - John @ UFOINFO.

September 22nd 2006 : Fort McMurry, Alberta

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Fort McMurry, Alberta

Date: 09/22/2006 4:45 am local time

Approach Direction: south and west

Departure Direction: north

Witness Direction: North

Description: It must have been about 8 objects flying in a V very fast and very quiet. The first group came from the south and flew north. Then I seen a second group flying from the west heading the in the same direction as the first group, I though that the first sighting was just one tiangular ship flying low because of the way the lights were totally in sync but when I noticed the second group the lights moved as if each light was an individual craft and that mean that they were flying at a much higher altitude.

Color/Shape: lights circular flying in a triangle very fast...

Height & Speed: hight was over 10,000 feet and speeds of maybe 500-1000kmh

TV/Radio/Press: I just seen it tonight but I'll look into it for sure