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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

December 27th 2006 : Canadian Trans Canada Highway 1 From Banff to Calgary

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: The Canadian Trans Canada Highway 1 From Banff to Calgary

Date: 12/27/06 local time 4:30am

Approach Direction: It was in the field on the right side of highway 1 east towards calgary when we noticed it's overwhelming orange colour with a heavy beam going in a 360 motion

Departure Direction: It then hovered over the Trans Canada Highway 1 on to the left side

Witness Direction: We were facing Calgary Trans Canada Highway 1

Description: Me (Eddy) and my brother in law (Brendan) were heading in the direction for the the city of Calgary around 4:30am local time from the town of Banff Alberta. On our way he pointed out something that seemed to hover in the field to the right of our vehicle, about 100 meters ahead. When he got closer we noticed a beam that seemed to go in a 360 degree motion as we got closer we noticed two other cars that had stopped by to look and they were pointing to the sky as the object flew over the highway to the right of our vehicle and then hovered a little longer and stopped and hung in one spot just floating no sound like a heli-copter or place .... besides we've both never seen any obect that was so evidentely round .... what a sight for sore eyes ....

Color/Shape: Bright Orange, Yellow and Red Round Object ... With an unreal Bright Orange Beam

Height & Speed: The craft was about 50 meters above our vehicle and I was going at 100km/h