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Posted: March 30, 2006

Also there "Might" be a possible connect to all the reports I have been receiving from Indiana, US. HBCC UFO Research Note: This morning I found that someone had sent me a news clip on a UFO sighting that took place in Boucherville, Quebec. There are witnesses in the media footage which are talking about what they saw, plus the really unusual lights that are were seen and filmed. The video footage is in the French language, but the event is really something to see.

It is not an episode of X-File, but they is very mysterious. In Boucherville on the bank-south of Montreal, they are numerous to have seen 3 white points in triangular formation slipping by at any speed in the sky, Saturday evening.

One of the witnesses filmed with his cellular. The sky was passably occupied Saturday last evening not very front 21h30. The problem, it is that nobody knows really what flew over Boucherville.

Jason, a witness, known as to have seen three white points in the sky. On the images provided to TQS by the young man, one can clearly see it. For the mother of the young person vidéaste amateur, the doubt was gradually transformed into questioning.

A group of a score of people was pilot mysterious appearance. Several of them work in a restaurant of Boucherville. Customers also saw the scene. Like Olivier Louba, who has a license of pilot apprentice. Journalist specialized in strange phenomena, Christian-Robert Page looked at the sequence filmed by the young man. He says himself intrigued by the images.

To view the footage go to my site at:

Take care

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research



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