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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

January 5th 2007 : McLeod Tr., Calgary, Alberta

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: McLeod Tr. - Calgary - Alberta - Canada

Date: 01/05/07 17.30 MST

Approach Direction: Northbound

Departure Direction: Basically vaporized. No specific direction

Witness Direction: North

Description: It basically looked like a very opaque dark circular cloud. But it was floating around at a constant rate, about 5 or 6 seconds later, it immediately turned invisible. There was also a second one about 1 minute after that also vaporized after smooth constant movement. I was accompanied with someone else in the car, and also saw the same thing.

Color/Shape: Dark, Oval Shaped, somewhat opaque...was transparent.

Height & Speed: Speed of departure was instantaneous. Speed of approach, i'm not completely sure, it was going fast and constant, just floating in the sky.

TV/Radio/Press: Press was reported.