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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

January 10th 2007 : 5 miles northwest of Seaforth, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: About 5 miles northwest of Seaforth Ontario

Date: Approx. 11:15pm 01-10-2007

Approach Direction: Heading east towards our farm

Departure Direction: First backwards westerly then shot off into the sky in a southern upward direction

Witness Direction: West

Description: I was going to bed, my husband was already in bed and all the lights were off in the farmhouse. I looked into the westerly window, and I saw this large bright yellow-orange circular object in the distance, almost hovering above another farm that is about 2 miles west of ours. I did a double take as I wasn't sure what I was seeing, and I said to my husband to get over here right away, what the #$@* is this thing hovering over the neighbours farm...and he was groggy and said that he couldn't see anyway, his glasses were downstairs in the bathroom. By the time he said that the object suddenly shrunk to a smaller size, then shot off in the distance to the left in an upward direction on a southern course from it's first reference point. Like many other people with submissions on this site, I'm not sure what the heck it was, but it gives me the creeps and keeps me awake at night, as I am a religious person and also have a newborn (you know how mother's worry).

Color/Shape: Round, bright yellow-orange in color and was approximately the size of a quarter in my field of view (not sure of the true size as it was at night and I'm not sure exactly how far in the distance the object was away)

Height & Speed: Did not see approach, it was just there as I turned off the light. Departure was very rapid, it shrunk and was gone out of range within seconds.

TV/Radio/Press: I have not contacted the press for fear that I would be labelled crazy in the local community! (But what DID I see??!!)