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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

January 28th 2007 : Brockville, Ontario And Massena, New York

Brockville, Ontario And Massena, NY Photo And Sightings Of UFOs

Date: January 28, 2007
Time: Daytime.

I have a picture for you to look at, this was taken via a web cam from Morristown, NY on January 28, 2007. It was taken over Brockville, Ontario. I'm the gentleman that responded about the March orange lights along the American and Canadian border. You know I'm a bit overwhelmed with this whole issue, I have seen a ton of strange events in the night sky in the past few months. I have taken video of it, and right now I have to figure out how to transfer it to the computer from my high8.

Still frame from video sahowing object over Brockville, Ontario

Here is some things that I have experienced: Late last fall My family and I were driving home from the local Wal-Mart and where I live a street runs parallel to the St. Lawrence River as we got into view of the river called Wheathouse Bay, we all saw what one would describe as someone dropping a pebble into the river, however the size of it would have been a large pizza at arm's length which was strange to all of us, and on top of it the water was generally calm however the water on the outside of the ring was creating a curling wave ?

I have seen two craft over the village of Massena, NY and what was weird about them. I swear they were hovering and then when I got closer to them they flew right over me and very low in the sky, the best description was a steady led light that was white in the front and a deep red in the back and they were to close to be airplanes and the lights weren't flashing at all this was early February.

But this one so far has topped the cake, this occurred this Wednesday night around 9:00 pm I was in process to go to my brothers house in Bombay, NY again close to the Canadian border, I was watching a real bright star when all of sudden I spotted a solid bright orange/yellow light moving at a constant speed, which was strange in that it crossed the road I was on but it should have done it before I got there, I then noticed that it was just sitting there on the other side of the town. Part 2 same evening at my brothers something compelled me to go outside it was around 10 pm when I went to open the door I noticed a glowing orange more yellow object through the tree's and this at arm's length was the size of a CD it was strange in that it was a soft yellow light that didn't shine to the ground and in it's center was a brighter white light, my best description of the light was that of the ghosts on the Pac-man game, I continued to watch this for a good 45 minutes, where it stayed but it would move left to right and up/down for a short distance, at this point and time I called the Franklin county emergency management office and reported what I saw, I suggested that they send a car out which I don't know if they did or not, after a while it changed intensity of color and brightness and eventually moved to the right and disappeared from view. Unfortunately, no camera that night I will have one this week with me. PS this area is between Cornwall, Ontario and Montreal, QC border very close.

I have many other strange things seen.

Thank you to the witness for sending in the picture and the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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