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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

February 9th 2007 : Winnipeg, Manitoba

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Date: 02/09/07 friday 4:46 pm local time

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: south

Witness Direction: south

Description: I had just left my office in the Inkster Industrial park area heading south on Keewatin Burrows Ave. when I noticed something metallic in the sky.At first I thought it was a plane when I noticed something strange about the shape. It looked like a plane's fusilage without wings or a tail, just a silver fusilage.I had pulled into the safeway parking lot to grab my camcorder,when I noticed it bank to the left and changed direction south.As it banked to the left it was evident that it was no longer cigar shaped but clearly disc shaped.It appeared to be heading south and moving slower than a plane when all of a sudden it just disappeared.Temperature had plummeted to a brutal -32 w/windchill factors of -43 very cold w/clear blue skies.The other odd annomoll,y was every plane visible in the sky left a vapour trail and as it flew further away it was still visible.This craft just disappeared.Also when it banked or tipped to the left it did not straighten out it stayed in that position and continued to move south,clearly showing it's disc shape before it vanished

Color/Shape: cigar shaped or that of a fusilage at first until it banked left than it was clearly a disc

Height & Speed: a little lower than most commercial airliners maybe 15-20,000ft.speed of travel was a little slower than a plane until it vanished