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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

February 23rd & 24th 2007 : St. Catharines, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: over St. Catharines Ontario, moved from southeast to northeast towards Toronto

Date: 02/23/07 & 02/24/07 between 8:00pm and 9:30pm

Approach Direction: came from southwest

Departure Direction: moving toward northeast

Witness Direction: 2 witnesses facing northeast

Description: I was looking outside my apartment in the northeast end of St. Catharines when I look up into the sky at the stars because it was very clear out and when I did I saw a very bright glowing object just above my apartment moving away slowly too slow for a plane or astroid or anything like that but to fast for a satelite or just a star and too low for either of those. I could see planes flying past it becasue planes flying into Toronto move the same way but you could see they were moving much faster and the lights were not as bright and flash. This object was slow with a very bright blue light, it was almost as bright as the moon. I filmed it moving toward Toronto. I jumped into my car and followed it to get a better video of it but it was too far to catch it so I filmed it just off the QEW highway in a hotel parking lot. The same object appeared the next night moving the same way and looked exactly the same. I am waiting for the next clear night to watch for it again. If anyone could tell me what it was or any possible conclusions it would be a help.

Color/Shape: Very Bright Blue light and seemed to changed color from blue to redish and seem to be another object very close to it

Height & Speed: I was the same height as the planes approaching Toronto and hamiliton airport about 5000 to 10000feet

TV/Radio/Press: I have not hear anyone else who saw it