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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 24th 2007 : Bedford, Nova Scotia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bedford, Nova Scotia. Off Bicentennial Highway, spotted from Sackville onramp, drove underneath it just before the exit to Hammonds Plains Road.

Date: 03/24/07 8:20 PM AST Saturday Night

Approach Direction: Stationary - hovering, not moving at first.

Departure Direction: North East

Witness Direction: South at first, then underneath it, then past it. Then facing North again (turned around) and it zipped off.

Description: The sun had gone down but the sky was not dark yet. A few clouds were visible, fluffy light ones apart from each other. We were heading to the onramp to the Bicentennial Hwy (102) toward Bedford and Halifax. Just me in the passengar seat and my friend driving. From the top of the Sackville exit off of Duke Street(near the new Walmart) we could see a brightlight in front of a cloud in front of us. My friend saw it and commented that it looked like a street light. It was way too high to be such a thing, we were perplexed as to why it was so bright. I immediately thought it was a bright moon shining through a hole in the cloud. As we drove further along the highway, it looked like the top of some sort of new tower. I drive this highway every day to and from work, and have never seen a tower in the vicinity but thought maybe they threw one up today. It looked to be elliptical in shape, although the dusky sky has made it so I cannot clearly describe the shape. It appeared to have the bright white light on the side of it that had a seemingly curved or rounded edge. It seemed far away. My friend and I were riveted each asking each other repeatedly "do you see that?" and "what is it?!" We went around a corner in the highway and very suddenly it was right next to the highway and very low flying. This whole time it had seemed very stationary. On reflection it may have moved but I didn't see it moving, it just seemed so much bigger very suddenly. It was just off of the highway on the side of the oncoming traffic, so about four lanes over. We drove almost directly under it! I was hanging into the back seat looking at it through the back window and the side window not wanting to take my eyes off of it. There were so many other cars on the road I know someone must have seen it too. It was HUGE. My friend and I were shocked and very verbally excited! When we drove under it, I tried to make out the shape and appearance against the darkening sky. There seemed to be the one big white light and a couple of small red lights. The white light is bright like a beacon. On the opposite side of the white light, I could plainly see a squarish shape that was metallic looking. As this was right before the Hammonds Plains exit, we pulled over and immediately got back on the highway to have another look. It had moved away extraordinarily fast as it was now a small red light. During this whole time a few other airplanes could be seen in the sky as we are close to the airport and they were easily identifiable (planes fly over my house directly in line with the airport. I know what planes look like). These were also much faster, and much higher, even though they were close to landing at Halifax International Airport. This thing was hovering, big and silent.

Color/Shape: Metallic steely grey colour. Unknown complete shape, but remember a jutting formation on one side that was rectangular. Had Heighth as remember lights appeared to be on the side of the craft rather than the bottom.

Height & Speed: Not moving at first, then possibly moving very slowly. Departed fast.

TV/Radio/Press: I reported it to the local radio station, who recorded my call and made it into a joke 'traffic report'. I really wanted to hear if anyone other than my friend and I had seen it.