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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 24th 2007 : Clarksville, Nova Scotia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Clarksville, Nova Scotia

Date: March 24. 2007

Time: 1:19

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Fireball

Weather Conditions: clear

Description: Hi Brian,

I've been reading daily the updates on your site since the day of this sighting. I figured this "fireball" was perhaps not worthy of a report, but I can't help but notice your interest in them each time one is posted. Do you have an opinion on what they could be? Here is what happened.

I'm not a very good sleeper and often lay awake looking at the stars trying to fall asleep. I had turned away from the window view and quite frankly, I had the urge to turn back - when all of the sudden, just above the tree tops, 2 to 3 hundred feet away, travelling parallel to the curve of the land was this huge (like MOON size) red/orangy fireball! It had no tail that I recalled. Just a huge and I mean massive fireball.

I've never leaped out of bed so fast! My spouse woke as I jumped to the window asking what was going on. Well, all I could come up with was - "I just saw the most spectacular falling star!" NOT even close to what I saw- but what else could I say.

I figured with it's flight path that perhaps it crashed into the fields across the road. I also felt if a meteor of this size had impacted, I wouldn't be still here. I spent time the following days scouting the fields and woodland for any sign.

During the following winter, I saw three dull orange orbs in a triangle formation flying northeast from my patio doors. It was dark out, so there was no outline of a craft that I could see. They didn't break formation, so it could have been one craft. They were low to the ground, just above treetop. There were no blinking lights and considering how close they were to the house, I would have heard the noise of a plane if it had been one. Puzzles me still.

Thank-you, and I wish you well.