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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 23rd 2007 : Bonfield, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bonfield, Ontario, Canada

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:05 a.m

Approach Direction: not observed

Departure Direction: not observed

Witness Direction: North West

Description: I was driving to work at 4;00 am as I work very early at my job in North Bay, which is about 27 km. from Bonfield. I stopped at the stop sign oh hwy. 531 coming out of Bonfield which goes out to hwy 17 into North Bay. Just as I left the sign I say ou of the corner of my eye a brilliant Blue/Green light to the North west. I stopped and looked at it for about 5 or 6 seconds and than it just disappeared. I appeared like it was just over the ridge about 2 km away but it could have been farther as it is hard to tell with light. I know it wasn't a spot light shinning upward as there was no beam shinning in the sky. It was also probably close to 1/2 a mile wide, like a dome shapped light. Although I did not see a craft I'm convinced there was one. I've always been a beleiver. As well there was a report that 2 Ontario Provincial police cars were rendered inoperable at apptoximately the same time of the morning near Jack Garland airport in North Bay, they both had to be towed back to the station. I know quite a few O.P.P. as they do training at the college I work at and I verified with one of them that he read a report on this. I'm sure there will be more and more of these sightings as time goes on.

Color/Shape: Blue/Green light. Dome shape

Height & Speed: No saucer, just light. 1/2 mile across. I don't know the height, but the ridge I saw it glow over is at least 300' higher than where I was located and it was at least 100' above that.

TV/Radio/Press: Apparently it was reported in the North Bay nugget, I never read it, but was told about it by a friend after I told him about my experience one week later.


I read about the Bonfield report on your page. I did read something about it on the Bay Today page. You will find a report on it here.

It appears that this event may have happend a few days before the reported sighting on your page [The Bay Today article gives the date as March 23rd 2007 - John @ UFOINFO].

Living in north bay I agree with the man that there have been some very large plane parts coming from somewhere. I have seen them in the police convoys.

Please let me know if you hear any more about these incidents.

My thanks to Mike who also sent in the report for June 2002 : Brampton, Ontario.