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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 30th 2007 : South West Mississauga, Ontario

South West Mississauga, Ontario Object Resembling A Flying Saucer

Date: March 30, 2007
Time: Approx: 4:00 a.m.

Location of Sighting: South-West Mississauga.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Saucer.

Full Description of event/sighting: I went out to smoke in the balcony at around 04:00 am and noticed a lighted flying object in the sky. It was approaching towards my apartment building from the southwest direction. At first I thought it was a really slow plane, but as it flew nearer I saw it had only one bright white light, which was not flickering. Then it went left and remained in one position for about 15 minutes. I became excited and woke up my wife to witness this peculiar object. We both could clearly see its shape, resembling that of a flying saucer. It had three beams of light emitting from its base.

With all this commotion my 11 year old daughter also woke up, and saw herself, the reason for all this excitement. My 6 year old daughter slept undisturbed. The object then after, swinging left and right for a few minutes, zoomed up with its light fading above the clouds. For some reason it flew back to its original position, and stayed glued till 06:00 a.m. Then it again shot upwards above the clouds and stayed visible till around 06:45.

There were planes flying since 04:00 a.m. There is no way they did not detect this UFO on their radars. This was certainly a most fascinating experience for us. My only regret is that I couldn't capture the whole incident on video, but only managed to snap a few photographs. If they are convincing, then I will upload them soon.

Thank you to the witness for another interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
HBCC UFO Research International:

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]