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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

April 20th 2007 : Ottawa, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: 04/20/2007, 11:00pm

Approach Direction: North East

Departure Direction: South West

Witness Direction: West

Description: I was at a friend's house and we stepped outside for a cigarette.

It was a clear night so I was looking at the stars. I noticed something white floating in the sky.

At first glance I assumed it was a plane, but then realized that it wasn't making any sound, and that there were no lights on it.

I looked more closely and then got the impression that it was a big kite, or a glider or something.

I pointed it out to my friend.

The object appeared to be changing shape. The shape and movement resembled a plastic grocery bag caught up high in the wind... truthfully, for a second or two that's what I concluded it was, however, it was much too high and travelling far too fast for it to be a plastic grocery bag (when I thought it was a grocery bag, I was thinking it was only about 30 feet overhead).

Then I thought that perhaps it was someone coming down in a parachute... I walked to the front of my friend's house to continue watching it as we could no longer see it from the side of the house.

I watched it until it disappeared into the South West sky, too far away for me to see.

The object was moving VERY fast. It travelled in what appeared to be a straight line.

Afterwards when I told my friend that at first I thought it was a plastic grocery bag he confirmed that he too saw the object changing shape like a bag or something. He agreed that it was NOT a grocery bag, that it was flying very high, and very fast, and even suggested that perhaps it was the space station or something, although both of us thought that it was moving too fast to be a satellite or the space station (and wouldn't the space station or a satelite just look like little points of light? sort of like moving stars?)

My friend thought that the object was glowing. I didn't get the impression that it was glowing, however, we could both see it in the sky at 11:00 at night... I know that when I see a plane go overhead at night I can see the lights, but not the plane itself, so maybe it was glowing... I can't say for sure.

I would not say that this was a space ship, flying saucer, or alien craft. I would say however, that this was definitely changing shape as it moved, travelling very high, and very fast (I'm no aviation expert, but I'd venture to say it was moving faster than any man-made aircraft we, the public, are aware of), and definitely something I've never seen before.

I'd guess that from start to finish, I tracked the object visually for less than 30 seconds, maybe 15-20 seconds... it was actually over pretty quickly.

Color/Shape: Colour: white   Shape: changing... at first resembled kite or glider, then resembled floating plastic bag, then resembled parachute

Height & Speed: I don't know... high... as high as a plane that you can only see as a single moving point, or higher, perhaps in the upper-atmosphere, perhaps just beyond the atmosphere

Speed... very fast... if it was as high as I thought it was, it was moving as quickly as a satellite or something in orbit.