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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

April 20th 2007 : Barrhaven, Nepean, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Barrheaven, Nepean, Ontario, Canada.

Date: Day: 04/20/07, local time: around 11:00 pm

Approach Direction: North East

Departure Direction: South West

Witness Direction: South West

Description: I was on the way home and i was in my car around 11:00 pm. I was driving toward the Longfield Dr on Nepean, Ontario by the South West direction. I've noticed the really glowing light on the sky ahead of me. I've been reading some materials about UFOs and seeing pictures of those flying objects before. So, I got a sense that this is not a normal airplane, but i still can't believe it. I drive my car close to it, but i was really afraid at that time. I drive slower slower and then stop right under that thing. It only stays at a short distance to the ground, about 500 metres max. It looks really big (about 4 to 5 metres, with the height about 500 metres above the ground - or a bit more) This thing is really bright with 3 big circle light bulbs. I was so afraid that it's going to do something on me, because it appears to me totally strange, it's definitely not an air plane. It was moving slowly toward the North-East direction. And i got a sense.. or it's just my feeling that, it was stopping since i was slowing down and stop under it.

It's body is blending to the night's colour (dark metal or black), but there're some little lights around the edge beside the 3 big circle light in the middle. They formed a triangle shape to me. It looks like has more details shapes beside the main shapes (3 light bulbs and some small lights that form a triangle around it). I think those are metal shapes (i meant those shapes has covered by metal, it's really hard to see but i can tell, in between the 3 big light bulbs and those lights surround, there're some "up and down" - complicate shapes, but really hard to see!) The street was empty. I noticed a car droved far away from me, and I wonder why they didn't see this huge lighting object on top of my car. I looked up to it and took out my phone because i tried to take a picture of it. I was shaking, but i kept looking up to it. But when i tried to look more carefully to it while deleting a picture in my phone so i have enough memory storage in order to shot a picture of it, it changed its speed and approaching toward the North - East direction faster. I was frightening when it did that, because i was afraid the whole time and it made me scare by doing that. I just pressed my gas pedal and speed up without looked back to it.

I thought that i will never speak a word to anyone about this because noone would believe me. I just told this to my boyfriend only, and lucky he believed in me. I hoped i could help a little bit by reporting this situation to UFO. I also want to keep my privacy secured; i think back and still wonder how could i have this brave of standing right under that huge thing and looks at it for such a moment?! By the way, its width is about 5 metres X 4 metres, i assumed. Because of the distance, it's hard for me to guess the exact dimension.

Color/Shape: Body colour appeared to be blending with sky's colour (dark metal or black), but there're some litle lights (looks like stars to me, but arranged in order) form a almost triangle shape around the edge. There're 3 big circle light bulbs (looks like it) in the middle of the object (white colour). Makes no sound, smooth moving.

Height & Speed: speed at first may be only 5 - 10 km/h, it looks like it's stopping to me, but then after i stopped under it for about almost 30 second (about there), it changed its speed and moving faster toward the North- East (about 40 - 50 km/h). it's width is about 5 metres X 4 metres, i assumed. It was above the ground about 500 metres.