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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

April 20th 2007 : Eastside Of Windsor, Ontario

Eastside Of Windsor, Ontario - Two Sighting On The Same Night

Date: April 20, 2007
Time: 9:39 p.m.

Hey Brian. I just sent the two hand made pictures of what I witnessed over the eastside of Windsor on April 29/07 at 21:39 and 21:58. The first photo attempts to recreate the brownish-grey cloud-like smoke trail that erupted overhead. The size of the streak is very close to actual. It was about one second long as I watched it form in bursting billowed-ripples.. Then a bright light emerged from the abrupt end of the billowing smoke. And two more intensely white lights, perfectly separated at close distance. (so was it one triple-lighted object or three separate entities? I'm not sure, it was very high up. I tend to lean towards the three separate objects in my mind.)

Anyway to look at the picture you have to imagine these three very bright star-like objects emerge from the end of the cloud and whiz across the sky from directly overhead - north over Detroit very, quickly.

As the trail at the end of the cloud helps suggest they didn't pass by in a straight streak.

More or less straight but there was some variation of both direction and speed.

Furthermore, that trail at the end of the cloud represents the slipstream effect I witnessed seeing these three lights travel through, like a near-transparent tunnel effect. In the final second I saw them flying away very fast North without that effect, just bright lights in a straight line. The whole event was about three-four seconds long and then they were gone out of sight.

Although I culled the pictures online from a meteor, a Leonid shower streak, and Orion's belt and a background sky that represents the night sky I had then, it fairly recreates the event.

I could speculate about what I witnessed.

1. - Maybe it was a meteoric event, but I don't think so given the three things close together and the differing speeds and zippy course changes.

2. - Perhaps it was some kind of missile for signaling (sent by the coming 21:58 chevron?).

3. - A scouting party to ensure the safe passage of the 21:58 Visitor.

Mock up of sighting by witness

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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