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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

April 29th 2007 : Windsor, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Hi, I witnessed two unusual sightings from my backyard in Windsor, April 29/07.

I'd just like to post a report "for the record" because a) this is a Canadian site [Note: UFOINFO is a UK site hosted in the USA. HBCC UFO Research is the Canadian site and partner with UFOINFO] and the event I witnessed was over Canada, but passed into the U.S. and b) Lack of an update on the site where I submitted a report after the witnessing the events of that evening.

I am sure I am not the only person to have seen what I saw considering I live in Windsor( Pop200,000+)and neighboring Detroit (Pop.1M+)

I am a 43 yr. old man, I have perfect 20/20 vision. I was in my backyard after 21:30 watching the jet traffic pass overhead mostly leaving Detroit eastbound.

The stars were coming out a half moon behind me rising in the south behind my house, the backyard is on the north side of the house. To the North, convieniently the neighbors pine tree pokes right up pointing at Polaris - above it Ursa Major was inverted over Polaris. A streak of motion directly overhead caught my attention and I looked up.

Instead of a falling star/meteor I expected to see, I saw something else. The streak was a brownish grey cloud like trail of vapor for a second (12 o'clock position) and then lights emerged. What I saw was three white lights, close together, very bright, in a straight line travelling north very fast and very high up. It was 21:39 and one jet was travelling eastbound perhaps 20km West of the objects path that could have witnessed this event which lasted all of three to four seconds.

I was very excited to have seen this because it was unlike any aircraft I have seen. It was not space wreckage. I believe it was some form of aircraft travelling at an incredible rate.

I decided to go inside and get some paper and a pen and make a note of the objects path and record what I had witnessed.

I got the pen and paper and sitting outside I drew the stars and flightpath. I scanned the skies looking and thinking about what I had seen.

Another motion caught my attention minutes later. This time I was totally in awe. I happened to look up to the northeast and see a v-shaped pattern of lights.

As I focused on it, I realized it was a V-shaped aircraft and I was able to see the underside of it from a distance of maybe 10 kms maybe less. It was appeared to be hovering in silence. It was the shape and size of a medium guitar pick held at arm's length. I had the sense that this object was very large like a bomber, or jumbojet. Very strange seeing something like this being so large and appearing heavy and solid like an anvil, but apparently flying and totally quiet.

There were seven white lights on the underside, not bright, just dull white, one at the point and three down the middle of each "wing". It moved forward slowly heading North over Lake St. Clair and disappeared or faded from view. This aircraft was dull grey, or black in colour. I would say it's shape was as if two rectangular boxes were meshed together forming a V-shape.

There were no other lights on this craft, no navigational beacons. I doubt that it was a Stealth bomber, at least not the one you can find pictures of on the internet. Perhaps it was some secret military craft - it may have been heading across the lake to Selfridge ANG, 15 miles away.

There were no other aircraft present in the skies when I witness this object at 21:58 flying over Windsor, specifically Tecumseh, Ontario.