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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 5th 2007 : Cape Spear, Newfoundland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Cape Spear, Nefoundland, Canada

Date: 5/05/07 3:00AM (Saturday)

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: East

Description: Me and 3 friends were at cape spear to go into the old base tunnels but didn't go in cause it was to dark. So we went to take a path down by the ocean but I noticed a light out on the ocean but it had no reflection off of the clouds or the water. It was a Yellowish orange orb with red, blue & green colors changing around the outside of the light. It moved across the sky at a fast speed and moved like nothing I've ever seen. There was also a boat with lots of lights near it. We watched the orb for about 15 mins and then it approached us at a extremly high speed. At this point we all took off back to the van.

Defanitly creepy stuff.

Color/Shape: Yellowish orange orb with changing colors around the outside. (blue, red, green)