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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 6th 2007 : Near to the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

UFOINFO E-mail Report

I have cottage near the Bay of Fundy, literally in the middle of nowhere and on the night of May 6th I saw a bright orange orb of light over our lake at approximately 12am. I have been going to this cottage for 40 years and know the area quite well from working in the National Park there for 8 years as well as the cottage.

Once I saw this, there was no explanation, I was in awe and was amazed. It appeared to be about 30 meters above the lake but did not seem to move. I watched it for about 10 seconds before becoming so cold I had to return inside.

I could not get back to sleep and was truly in fear of what I saw because I know there is no explanation for this. I know what I saw. That is the reason for searching the web and finding this site, I wanted to know if anyone else had seen this and apparently this sighting (July 5th 2007) expresses exactly as I described my sighting a bright orange orb. I called it an orb because the light emitted wasn’t like from a flashlight but like a brilliantly glowing gem. It did not appear to light up the lake or the surrounding land either.

I have only return a few times since but have not seen it again. Is there anywhere I can go for explanations? Should I complete a sighting report.

Thank you keeping this site alive and allow us to express our accounts in a forum that will be understood and not judged.