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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 18th 2007 : Over Okanagan Lake Kelowna, British Columbia

Over Okanagan Lake Kelowna, British Columbia Another Witness To The UFO Sighting

Date: May 18, 2007
Time: Daytime sighting.

Message: Brian. My name is (name removed by HBCC UFO), I read on that your a looking for witnesses of the UFO on May 18, 2007 over the Okanagan Lake. I saw the UFO over the Okanagan lake, not sure what time of day it was because I didn't think to look. It looked somewhat like a Tupperware lid almost. It was really bright, kind of like a bright you get when you see the sun reflect off a plane. it was moving north of the lake, which I know is not allowed by planes at that altitude. You can contact me if you want any more info.

Additional Information:

Hey Brian. It was afternoon I believe. However, I saw something similar earlier in the day as well in the Southern skies. I was driving across the Okanagan Floating Bridge and it kind of caught my eye and it was a bit earlier in the day, maybe around 9ish? I saw it, but it was one of those "Meh, airplane whatever" but later in the day probably around 3ish, maybe a bit earlier than that, I was walking along the boardwalk to clear my head as I just went through a break up and I looked up and I saw the exact same thing as earlier.

I looked really closely and I could see something like a Tupperware lid shape. Like I said earlier, it was kind of shining like a reflection off the fuselage of an airplane at that altitude. I actually got scared at one point because it kind of started to do a bit of a twitch kind of thing, kind of like what happens in horror movies and ghosts with the twitch where it looks like there are more than 1 and the camera is trying to focus, but at the same time, making a constant move north. Now being a friend of a pilot, I know that air travel at that altitude is not allowed in that direction. I then kind of got close to the ground cause I was terrified out of my mind, but I kept watching it, sometimes I thought it had left because it went behind a cloud but then it showed again. There was no sound at all, no con-trail, no wings or tail, just like a Tupperware lid as I said. It then made a sharp movement to the west, kind hovered there, then it looked like something out of a badly made Sci Fi Movie with how fast it moved and it was gone. I hope this helps.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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