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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 28th 2007 : UCFV Campus, Chilliwack, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: area of UCFV campus, downtown Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Date: 05/28/07 12:30 am local DST (Monday, May 28th)

Approach Direction: Coming from East

Departure Direction: Left towards West

Witness Direction: Four witnesses - three outside, able to turn around - I was facing out an Eastern facing window...

Description: It just happened, at12:30 am on Monday, May 28th, 2007, over the UCFV campus in downtown Chilliwack... I overhead people shouting "oh god, it's coming back, what is it!?" so looked out the window and watched them for a minute...

They were all looking towards the eastern night sky, so I peered closely to see what they were watching... It was completely silent, and erriely glowing a light greyish-white color. It was very large, at least as big as a small aircraft, mayber larger... Triangular shaped, solid grey-white, but sort of translucent, and with darker ridges/fins running parallel down it's length, from 'nose' to 'tail'...

It was without any sort of lights or noises... and was moving about the same speed as a glider would, but with more control - up and down, and around in tight circles, then in a straight line... it seemed to deliberately move to observe us remarking over it, as it circled above us for about 10 seconds, and moved away, then back again... long enough for me to grab my video camera and attempt to get some footage (just has black sky, and voices of witnesses freaking out)

It circled around for about 20 more seconds, just low enough for the city lights to illuminate it to our vision, but high enough to be within the low overcast clouds... Then, quite quickly, rather than get progressively lower as a hang glider must, it moved away, rising up and to the west from us into the darkness...

Color/Shape: Triangular, grey-white, silent, no lights.

Height & Speed: slow, like a gliding bird, but huge, as large as a small airplane, and without any flapping motions, or any sounds or lights.

TV/Radio/Press: no yet, just occurred 40 mins ago...!

Additional information from Brian Vike:

Just a quick follow-up, since I've now had the chance this morning, to watch from the same window as planes are departing Chilliwack airport, and crossing the same air space where I observed the strange 'craft' last night:

I realize now that the object was much larger than I thought, it had a wingspan about three-or four times as wide as a small float plane...

I also realize that it had absolutely NO protrusions, such as landing gear, wheels, or frame poles or anything like that (as those items are so clearly visible on the planes I can see now).

Finally, I have to say it was higher up than I originally figured, (higher than these planes passing over, perhaps 500 feet up...?)

That's all, thanks to the reporters who called me this morning. I hope we hear from the other people that saw it too, or that we find out what it was. Thanks again.

Also added are some links to footage, and a diagram of the craft witnessed.

OK, here's the visual aids:

1 - My sketch of the object:

2 - A picture of me, holding the sketch:

3 - My video footage (which was too dark to see anything, unless you can enhance it?) edited to removed swear words, and saved as windows format:

As well, here is the same clip, with brightening added, trying to see the object:

And the same clip, in original format straight from camera (caution, adult language) in case it can be enhanced:

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Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
The Vike Report Blog:

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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up report.]