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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 28th 2007 : Surrey/Cloverdale, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Surrey/Cloverdale, B.C./Canada

Date: 05/28/07-1 am - 130 am ish

Approach Direction: Northeast

Departure Direction: Up

Witness Direction: Northeast

Description: I saw a Glowing object flash real bright and then flicker a bit then it got brighter and went completely dark. I continued to watch the area and then it Glowed again less than a minute later and appeared to shimmer a fluorescent shower of luminous white light and then 2 more small 1's, to the west a bit of the first 1, flickered similar light back to it, like a signal, which freaked me out, then they left, but not before i seen the shape of the 1st 1, in the dark without lights, it looked to be like a v shape, and real wide.

I see these other 1's occasionally, they look like sattelites then completely change course at incredible speeds sometimes stopping for as long as 10 minutes in 1 place..others like these i see in groups of 3 sometimes 2..what is going on?

Color/Shape: V shape-fluorescent white-real luminous

Height & Speed: hovering and kinda dancing in circles.

TV/Radio/Press: no