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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 10th 2007 : Calgary-Bankview, Alberta

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Calgary-Bankview, Alberta, Canada

Date: 06/10/07-0215ish-0230ish

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: South East

Witness Direction: South West

Description: A bright light moving from west to southeast, fortunately I had my binocs and was able to look at it briefly. It ws brighter than Jupiter and at that time, the 2 brightest stars were Arcturus and Jupiter. IT moved faster than an airplane, had no lights-glowed white-hot and had no debris trail, no smoke or vapour, did not change in intensity-of-brightness, did not rotate like a sattelite and did not make a sound. Was only bright for about 10 seconds and in that period of time-wentfrom halfway up the horizon to the west (45 degrees) all the way across to just about halfway up the SouthEastern horizon. It seemed to slow down a touch when I jumped up and down screaming Look! Look! UFO! UFO! Right away someone said "that's a plane" but we could see the flightpath from the Airport-planes were taking off in a northernly direction. None were landing.

Color/Shape: White-bright, round shape

Height & Speed: I have no idea, it's height could have been low, or it could have been high, but it moved faster than an airplane that you see at high altitude

TV/Radio/Press: I do not have cable and rarely read the newspaper-too much bad news