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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 18th 2007 : Kamloops, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kamloops, BC, Canada

Date: 9:20 PM PST. June 18, 2007 Lat 50 40.60N Long 120 21.02W

Approach Direction: one object, traveling North-East to South-West.

Departure Direction: South-West, disappearing into the shadow cast by the earth. visible for about 4 seconds.

Witness Direction: West

Description: walking East along a park lane with our dog, I glanced West up into a clear blue evening sky and saw a glittering object pass between the moon and Venus then vanish while going on a straight southerly trajectory. The remarkable thing about the object was that it appeared to be only 10 KM away at about 40 degrees POV angle, however I realized it was much further away and glittering from the rays of the sun that had already gone below the horizon. It became invisible once it had entered the earth's shadow.

Color/Shape: a polished chrome triangular-shaped object that caught the rays of the sun, making it glitter as it spiraled. Imagine a highly-polished hunting arrow shape that rotates as it travels, causing the sun to glitter off its surface with each rotation.

From my POV it is possible the object was not earthbound, but rather entering and exiting the stratosphere at an oblique angle. If it was in the stratosphere it was larger than a passenger jet. The object's glittering was brighter than Venus, which was also visible at the same moment.

Height & Speed: the object matched the speed of a meteor without any vapour trail or sound, glittering in the sun then disappearing into the earth's shadow.