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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 19th 2007 : Toronto, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: toronto ontario canada

Date: 10:35pm approx June 19th 2007

Approach Direction: north west headed south west

Departure Direction: not sure

Witness Direction: west

Description: noticed a hazy moon peering through some clouds and also noticed 2 white dots near the moon. What caught my eye was the fact that these two dots were clearly visible even though it was a bit cloudy around the moon. Rest of the sky was clear.

The dots were spaced evenly apart, from where i was looking it looked like 2 inches apart...not sure about how far that would be in reality way up in the sky. What was interesting was that they appeared to be at the exact same height, they never changed their speed or direction apart from each other, they never got close to each other nor did they go far apart. They moved in tandem. It could be they were part of the same ship or two ships flying in unison.

they both headed off from the north west down the south west and then just disappeared. These were not plane as again they were too close together to be commercial planes and never waivered in either their speed or proximity from each other.

they reminded me of when the snow birds (show planes) fly in unison but way way too high to be any type like that.

Color/Shape: bright white dots.

Height & Speed: from the ground i cant tell...looked to be about 2 inches apart if i put my fingers up towards the sky but never moved apart beyond that. as for speed it took about a minute to disappear from my view.

TV/Radio/Press: no.