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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 20th 2007 : Calgary, Alberta

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Date: June 20th 2007

Witnesses: 2

Number of objects: Several

You probably think I'm off the "rocker" but something happen to me this past summer which I actually photographed and has made me a believer after talking to a photographer whom I met on an aircraft while traveling to Christchurch, New Zealand. He was going down to the Antarctica to shoot for National Geographic as a free lance photographer. I told this stranger of what I had photographed and he told me he's seen the same phenomena on a couple of occasions.

Now if it wasn't for Ethan saying "Look Daddy" and pointing up to the sky, I wouldn't have this photographic record to share with you.

I'm not kidding or messing around with you, this actually happened last June 20th at 5:12 pm. The next photograph is 10 seconds later with a clear sky.

Click images for full size photosPhoto showing the high speed object circled in red.

Photo taken 10 seconds after the previous photo.

Follow-up report by Brian Vike:

Hi there Brian:

Those photos were taken here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, off by back deck looking directly south. The object with the red circle around it was traveling at a huge rate of speed but while it was traveling directly to the west it was definitely flashing slowly but very bright then dull then bright again ........ When it rendezvoused with those other three it stopped instantaneously then all four disappeared as if somebody turned off a light.

Watching those objects was unbelievable and I didn't really see the other three until the fourth was close to them; It was rather exciting watching such a phenomena.

It's ok to place those photos where ever you want and don't worry about copyright; they are for all to see.

Merry Christmas,

[Name deleted]

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.