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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 29th 2007 : Kingston, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Date: 06/29/07, 9:11pm local time

Approach Direction: N/A

Departure Direction: N/A

Witness Direction: N/A

Description: At about 9:11pm June 29 Friday, my wife and I spotted an object in the sky which we have never seen before when we were driving home along Taylor Kidd and Centennial. Originally, it was like two plates with the same size touching each other by the edge, each of which has a flat top and a relatively sharp bumping bottom. The color was bright orange. At the beginning, we thought it was just a piece of cloud reflecting the sunset, but we soon realized that there was no other cloud in the sky looked like that. There were a few pieces of cloud in the sky then, but all of them looked high and thin without any other color except light gray. It was hard for us to estimate the distance and altitude of the object, but I was sure it was above the lake of Ontario. It was stationary, or moving alone a fixed direction coincident with our driving direction, so no obvious postion change was observed. Because we were driving, there were about 30 seconds we lost it. The next time we saw it again, the shape was changed to an ellipse, like an egg and soon, it fainted out evenly and quickly (in about 4 seconds). What I would like to emphasize again, it disappeared in an amazing way, very even and quick (from the size of a very small egg to an orange dot). It was 2~3 mins between the first spot and the last.

Color/Shape: Bright orange.

Height & Speed: no clue