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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 2007 : Montreal, Quebec

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: montreal, canada

Date: july 2007

Time: late evening

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: perfect circle

Weather Conditions: clear sky and stars above.

Description: It was late in the evening and I was watching television when I decided to go on my balcony for a cigarette. I do not smoke inside my house.

I sat down on my chair facing N-W-W and gazed at the stars. Now there is a flight corridor that I know of for the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau airport north of my sighting area and in the day there is a helicopter corridor right over my house.

When planes fly on the north side you can always distinctly know that they are large jet planes and taking off from north west heading south east. On that night I happened to be looking right above my home when by a pure stroke of luck I saw a yellow orange rusty and dimly lit circular object ,with a circle in the middle but full, zipping right over head at an altitude opproxamitely triple the height of the planes taking off to my right, minimum. At the height they were these things must of been at least the size of a large engine jet in length and width. The disturbing thing is the speed wich this object was flying at. It was flying due north and I could only manage to follow it for about 5 seconds before the trees obstructed my view. It was flying steady and straight. Just as I managed to recover from my original shok a second circular disc- like object identical to the first one crossed path with the original disk heading north west at an equal speed until I lost sight of it approxamitaly 4 to 10 secs later. Now this I know was no trick to the eye and made me think twice about what I have just seen. I have seen many satellites in the sky and meteors flashing by during my lifetime gasy or just flashy and I can assure you that these objects were nothing I have ever seen before.