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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 8th 2007 : Ottawa, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Date: 07/08/2007

Approach Direction: Southern Sky

Departure Direction: n/a

Witness Direction: southern

Description: I was returning from the downtown area, travelling in a southern direction on the Airport Parkway approaching the Hunt club exist when I saw this odd object in the sky. It was a rather intermittent cloud covered sky and there were fast patches of clear blue sky as well. As I was approaching the Hunt Club exit, I noticed this very silery-white, somewhat round object in the sky at about 20-28 thousand feet. I captured my attention because it was so bright due to the sun coming through the clouds in the north and shining it's rays upon it. It sparkled like a diamond would have if put into the sunlight. And It was just there all of a sudden, which also caught my attention. As I watched it, and thought it was a cool reflection of a plane, at first, realized that it wasn't moving but appeared to be stationary. I had a clear view as it was straight in my line of sight through my windsheild as I travelled towards it. I would say the object was hovering high above the army base stationed there. I look at it for about 1 minute as I tried to decipher what it was and then resigned myself to it being a star. Mind you the only one out at that time (7:45pm) and with the sun shing through so brightly. And, then I blink...and it was just it had appeared.

I found it strange and was wondering if anyone else noticed? I'm an educated professional and mature individual that wants to know the trueth about all this.


Color/Shape: somewhat oval in shape with bright shiny and smooth silver metal. I saw no lights on the object

Height & Speed: Height about 27 thousand feet fairly low to the horizon