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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 8th & 16th : Richard Park, Verdun, Quebec

Richard Park, Verdun Quebec Saucer With Green Halo Emitting From Bottom

Date: July 8 and 16, 2007
Time: 10:00-11:15 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Richard park, Verdun
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1-3
Shape of objects: Saucer, green halo emitting from bottom.

Full Description of event/sighting: I had been in Richard Park around 10:00 pm on Sunday, the 8th of July. I had been out for a stroll as I live less than a bock from the park, just recently moved into the neighborhood and haven't had the chance to get out much. I saw what appeared to be a yellow-tinged star from a distance, but with time noticed that it was moving with reference to a street lamp in the distance. I became curious and wanted to follow as the movement seemed either very fast if it were from a long distance, or was very close.

What initially bothered me was that as I was walking around the park, along the shoreline, was that I felt I was getting a different vantage point of the object as I was moving only a few hundred feet - very much unlike an airplane.

As the object got closer, it went from being a blinking patterned light to being 3 lights, horizontally aligned, and blinking, but not in a uniform pattern.

The craft originally was coming from the South and flying northbound. I was standing in Richard park, directly across from Adrien Archambault Park, where there is a baseball field that was lit up at that time. The craft flew in between Montreal Island and Nun's Island (Ile des Soeurs), though it was closer to the baseball field, still flying North. This is where I saw the craft, roughly fifty feet in diameter, and no more than 300 feet off the ground saucer-shaped, and tilted in the direction it was moving. There were minor lights on it, it was moving very slowly and clearly between the two parks, flying over the narrow body of water. At its closest, I noticed a green halo emitting from the underside, almost like a circular green neon light. It continued flying North and turned due west - which I found odd as it was flying towards downtown and flew into the distance underneath the spot-lights atop the high-rise buildings downtown.

Amazed by what I had seen, I went home, told my girlfriend about the sighting and she believed what I had said, but was in disbelief about the craft. I convinced her to come with me to the park, just to keep looking around for a while. For roughly 40 minutes thereafter, until roughly 11:15 pm, we witnessed other strange crafts - at too great a distance to positively identify, but close enough and with odd enough movements to doubt them being airplanes or weather balloons.

We had seen multiple crafts at a time, not flying too close to one another, but on the horizon, flying low and close enough to be aware of the proximity to one another. These crafts were flying in wide circles, around Nun's island, North and west around downtown, and back to the south. We saw at most 3 or 4 crafts at one time and one had come in between Richard park and Nun's island, albeit further and higher than the sighting where I was alone, but my girlfriend and I had both noticed another saucer shaped object, again, roughly fifty feet in diameter but this time closer to 700 feet above the ground and a little further from us.

I have seen a similar craft Monday July 16th at roughly 11:00 p.m. I am not certain if this is an isolated or ongoing phenomenon with a logical explanation. I am certain of what I saw, and saw other people at a distance in the park, whom I decided not to approach on the UFO/flying saucer I had just seen.

I try to make time most nights to take a little walk by the park to see if anything else comes up and after searching, found a similar sighting in the same area in July of 2003. I would like to report it now that I've seen something twice, and am curious if anyone else in the neighborhood has witnessed anything strange or has any explanations.

Thank you to the witness for the fascinating report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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