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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 11th 2007 : Chilliwack, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Chilliwack B.C Canada

Date: july 11th 2am

Approach Direction: approach was in the south/west

Departure Direction: one went north across the sky, the other two went straight up in the south..

Witness Direction: i was facing south

Description: I was sitting in my back yard early in the mornning to cool off, after another hot day..this was just before 2am. I was sitting looking to the south, when just to the right of my vison i saw 3 bright lights almost together. My first thought was that it was a plane coming in for landing at the chwk airport..however it was 2am..the colour of the light was the same as car headlight, a bright white / blue. They then split up, with the the light on the left side taking the lead, the light went upwards with the other 2 lights behind it, the first light made a turn and was now going north across the sky, and went out of sight..the other two lights kept going upward in the south, untill i could no longer see me folks i've never seen the stars do that before, and i've seen lots of satellites cross the sky, but these lights went too fast for satellites...

So anyone else see these lights last night ?

Color/Shape: the lights were a blue/white rather large, so i thought it was a plane turnning to land at the airport, but the approach was in the wrong diection, the runways go east /west the lights were coming from the south heading north..

Height & Speed: when they first appeared they were low just above the tree line, then went up and to the left faster then a satelite, i'd say 2x faster at least.

TV/Radio/Press: i also reported my sighting at