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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 21st 2007 : Mississauga, Ontario

Location: Canada, Ontario, Mississauga

Date: 7/21/07 11:11AM est

Approach Direction: Forward and above us. It came from the north.

Departure Direction: It went south until I could no longer see it.

Witness Direction: My granny and I saw it coming from the north where the GTAA is, and headed south in a straight line.

Description: It was like a white shiny ballon, but it changed shape three times. It went from an oval balloon shape to more of a circle shape then back to the balloon shape. While traveling ahead of us a bit later there was another object that was black and oval shaped on a tilt and was gone in a second.

Color/Shape: White, the other was pitch black. The white one was a balloon shape then a circle, then changed back. The black one was oval shaped.

Height & Speed: I think the white ufo was about 10 ft by 7ft and was traveling very fast much faster than a commercial airplane. The black one was about the 6ft by 7ft and just appeared and was gone, I caught it on my camera.

TV/Radio/Press: It was not but if I have the time I will report it.