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Sandbanks Provincial Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario

July 31st 2007

Hi John

Here is a sighting witnessed and captured on film July 31,2007.

Since 1994 in the Summers to 2009my family has camped for a week at the Sandbanks Provincial Park in the Prince Edward county in southern Ontario.

Upon through those years I have observed many bizarre unknown aerial anomalies - mostly at night. With research in finding out why -- all this unusual activity I've observed there ?

I have found the area has a strong magnetic field and has been named the Marysburgh Vortex that goes back centuries

This may explain the why all this activity to pass on one of the many UFO sightings I have witnessed and photographed in August 2007.

Here are the details to share what was observed and filmed.

On July 31, 2007 while on the shores of Lake Ontario at the Sandbanks Provincial Park dusk was just starting to settle in as we looked to our surroundings of the lake.

After admiring the scenery all about I could then see two bright lights sitting in the sky some miles directly west over the lake.

My mouth just dropped after viewing them from my binoculars.

There I could see in detail two orange spherical lights that appeared not to be moving. I gazed through them wondering for a couple of minutes WHAT ARE THEY ?

So I immediately took some pictures to capture them on film at 8:55pm on a high zoom.

I thought to even videotape them with little success due to distance.

Though in reviewing the clip I found near the end of this clip a long dark rod shooting across the bottom right - not sure what it could be ?

I don't dismiss possibly maybe a insect in the last frame or two.

Yet three still shots had captured the two orange spheres to the west as illustrated **


Click photos for full size
Photo showing 'orange spheres' in the clouds

Photo showing 'orange spheres' in the clouds

Photo showing 'orange spheres' in the clouds

Still frame showing possible 'rod' at end of video
Still frame showing possible 'rod' at end of video


UFOINFO thanks Paul Shishis for this report

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