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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

August 19th 2007 : Toronto, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: 08/19/07 9:06PM EST

Approach Direction: North-West

Departure Direction: South-East

Witness Direction: Went right over top of us.

Description: Myself and 2 others were on a patio near Donlands and O'Connor in Toronto, Onario, Canada when in the clear night sky from the north-west we saw 2 "real" white yellowish light globes or possibly circles travelling at a fast rate heading south-east towards lake ontario. They appeared to be about 10,000 feet high and one followed behind the other in perfect symetry and form approximatly 1 mile or 10% of the sky behind the first object. It took them less than 2 minutes (maybe just one minute) to cross the entire sky pass over us and become unseeable far in to the south-east. The lights did not flicker or flash at all and looked the same from every angle. Possibly we heard an "engine" like noise comming from them but it may have come from other air craft in the area or some other source. They made no trails and appeard to be travelling faster than any civillian air craft. The sky was clear that night and the stars and civilian air craft were easily visible.

Color/Shape: White yellowish light globes.

Height & Speed: 10,000 feet, 2 minutes to cross the entire sky.