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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

September 8th 2007 : Hamilton, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Date: 09/08/07 2:35 am

Approach Direction: Stationary.

Departure Direction: Stationary.

Witness Direction: East

Description: Headed home from my gf's house sept 8th 2007 at roughly 2:35am just coming up to the york blvd. exit off the 403. On the left noticed brilliant white/blue lights hovering maybe 200' in the air. Upon getting close, realized approx. 20-30 lights slightly oval shaped spinning clockwise in a circle. However there were 2 or 3 levels of lights, each spinning at a different rate of speed. As if a string of christmas lights were caught in a tornado with a narrow diameter base ( would make the lights spin fast at the base and slow at the top due to the change in overall diameter). Size was 3/4 the length of a football field however it was difficult to tell i was riding my motorcycle at the time. Pulled up next to a woman driving a black mid 90's, early 2000'2 BMW, where i pointed to the lights and she acknowledged she saw them as well.

Color/Shape: Brilliant blue/white slightly oval shaped

Height & Speed: 200' high. Stationary except for the clockwise spin of all the objects.

TV/Radio/Press: Couldnt find any info reported on it.