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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

September 8th 2007 : White Rock, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: White Rock British Columbia Canada

Date: Saterday at around 1:30 pm local time on 09/08/07

Approach Direction: Don't know

Departure Direction: Don't know

Witness Direction: west looking out over Boundary Bay


My wife and I were at White Rock last weekend 09/08/07 and we were down at the ocean going for a walk watching the tide come in, I took some pics looking out over Boundary Bay, when we go on these little excursions I like to put one of the pics up as a desktop for a week or so just to remember the time out together, well to make a short story longer, I had this pic on the desk top and the other day I said to my wife that you could see something in the sky just to the right of center just over the white clouds. She said it was probably just a plain going by, I said it could be just something on the monitor screen.

Well this morning 09/14/07 I'm sitting here waiting for her to cook breakfast and I was looking at this thing in the sky again, So I went in to my pic viewer and started to zoom in on the thing in the sky and it started getting bigger so it's not something on my monitor screen, and if you keep making it bigger you can clearly see that it's not an airplane, It is round flat and has what appers to be three lights on the side we can see.

Looking at my map now 09/014/07 trying to get all the directions straight, I notice that the way we were pointing at the time I took the pic was right across from Boundary Bay air port, so chances are it is just a plane.

If you give me an e-mail address I will send you the pic and you can check it out for your self, just above the white clouds to the right?

Color/Shape: round flat with what looks like three white lights on the side we can see.

Height & Speed: I didn't see it, it was just in a pic I had taken.

TV/Radio/Press: No


Hi John

This is the pic you asked for, the first one (IMG 3141) is the original, The second one (IMG 3141a) I have put a red arrow pointing at the thing in the sky and in the top right hand corner I put an enlarged (400%) pic of the object.

Don't know what it is, sure don't look like a plane though.

Maybe you can blow it up clearer with a better program than Microsoft Paint.

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Original photo

Original photo

Photos are copyright of the witness.