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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

September 19th 2007 : Peterborough, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Peterborough Ontario Canada

Date: around 3:am

Approach Direction: in the east

Departure Direction: towards the west

Witness Direction: the east

Description: was woke up by a sound and light went to check it out and that`s when i saw the light or object felt like an electric current mild causing the hair on my arms to react..called my daughter to witness this

Color/Shape: not like a solid shape it was flashing red and blue but mostly white and very bright like an energy ball or lightening

Height & Speed: not sure as it was just hovering but it left quickly no noise just headed west but then it was just gone

TV/Radio/Press: not sure as i did not report it

Additional Information from Brian Vike:

Hello Brian

Below I added the information requested and attempted to draw what we saw though it is not the greatest. Just to give some back ground parents and I viewed ufo`s many years ago and Mr Mackay used to visit my family.

I have not had any experiance with ufo sightings since that time and it`s been over 39 years until recently.

Any insight or information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

I have recently thought of applying under the Freedom of Information act since the recent sightings though I am not sure if it would be useful.

Is there a local contact person who is involved with UFO sightings?


[Name Delteted]

Brian's questions are in bold text:

A couple question for you Cindy if you would be kind enough to answer for us.

What was the date of the sighting. The only thing given was the time, which was approx: 3:00 a.m. Very important to have the date.

It was on Wednesday September 19 2007 and ongoing now for the last few days at the same time.

It woke my daughter and I up.

We had some guests on the weekend and the one person was woke up around the same time we woke this was on the Friday Sept 21 2007

Roughly how close was the object to your location, or away from you at the time of the sighting ?

Perhaps less than a mile? Just across the river at first but came closer to our house

How long were you able to see this for ?

I think that we viewed it for about 15- 20 minutes

Can you please tell me where the colored light was emanating from on this object, or was the colored light moving throughout it ?

The colors blue and red are part of this object that appeared to be round like a lightening ball at least that`s how best I can describe it

Roughly, what would you estimate the altitude of the object was when you were observing it ?

Tree top level

What were the weather conditions at the time of the event ?

It was fairly clear but some light pollution

When the object left, did it leave a trail or some type of tail behind as it moved ?


I am not sure how old your daughter is Cindy, why I ask is would it be possible for her to also send in a report ? Just trying to get as much detail as possible.

She is 15 and I will ask if she will write one up.

Drawing of what witness saw

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.