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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

September 22nd 2007 : Oshawa, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Date: 09/22/07 Approx. 11:30 PM EST

Approach Direction: From the south.

Departure Direction: North

Witness Direction: East

Description: The object was quite high in the sky. At first I assumed it was a passenger airliner because of a single white strobe light. However, as it got closer to being more overhead (a little to the east) more strobe type lights of different colors appeared. As well the lights provided a shape similar to say "home plate" on a baseball field. It traveled north smoothly in a straight line until I lost sight because of a large maple tree in my yard. I thought nothing more of the object until it reappeared over the tree heading southwest made a sharp turn and disappeared rather quickly heading northeast. There was no sound at anytime.

Color/Shape: I could not identify any color of the object except for the lights of which there were 11 to 12 white, blue and red. The shape based on the locations of the lights was similar to the shape of a "home plate" used in baseball.

Height & Speed: I have seen airliners traveling at a similar height in my area 30,000ft - 40,000ft. Slower than an airliner until it made its turn and headed northeast rather quickly.