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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

October 15th 2007 : Garson, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: garson, ontario, canada

Date: 6:30pm 10-15-07

Approach Direction: stationary, downward, up, and then north

Departure Direction: stationary, and very quickly northbound

Witness Direction: north

Description: having started this i will keep going..this is not the first time the kids and i have seen these lights in the sky. now i'm not crazy, nor are my children. we have tried to come up with every explaination that we could for what these are. as we are by an airport, quite some distance, i tried to tell myself that that's what they are.. but i have even gone so far as to go to the neighbours house to ask her if she sees it and what she thinks they are.. she of course said "plane".. ok i said.. why no sound, and why isn't it moving towards the airport..

Tonight was different, the boys came in and said they saw a meteor falling from the sky. i went to look at what really appeared to be a plane falling from the sky in a ball of fire. the more you watched, the more you realized that it wasn't really was going down way to slow. then it started going at an angle, then just disappeared. not long after that is when the rest of the lights showed up. they just appear. sometimes they move very quick and are gone, but the interesting thing is that they seem to pulsate from white, to green, to red. they stay for anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours and then just disappear. now i am not a big ufo believer, and i'm sure that there is an explanation for this, but the fact that these lights seem to appear every fall has me confused. the alternating colours of light (red and green) totally have me confused. the one we saw tonight looked bizarre. how can something fall and look like it's on fire with the streaming tail and everything and then just start flying normally and then disappear..?? i don't think that we are the only ones that like to look at the night sky, but i don't know anyone else who's seen this (neighbour excluded) that's what brought me to this web site.. i was looking for a rational explanation, but i'm afraid i haven't found one as of yet..

Color/Shape: colours vary from bright white, to red, and green sometimes it appears to have a tail..sometimes it's just a round glowing light.

Height & Speed: the only one i saw take off and move, went faster than any plane i've seen .. i don't know how fast that is, but we live not far from an airport and this thing was on high gear, and did i mention no sound..nothing. we always here plans in the afternoon when they come in, this was way to fast with no sound.

TV/Radio/Press: as far as i know, nobody in sudbury seems concerned about lights in the sky. the odd time things are on the news, it's for people to make sure not to miss a meteor shower or not to look because of an eclipse.. so not wanting to have people think i'm a fruit-loop i dont' say to much...and i watch the news every night.. hopefully someone can help explain what we've been seeing.. especially tonight.