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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

October 17th 2007 : St-Hubert, Quebec

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Date: 17 october 2007

Time: between 8:35pm and 8:50pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Shapeshifting Ball

Weather Conditions: Partly clouds

Description: Me and my friend were coming back from a friends house, when we saw, what at first i though was a low moon, a huge super brigth from yellow-orangy color changing. It seem to shifshape into a orange cylinder foggy like (could of been the clouds) and then,in a very strange way, (like a flip over or a supernova effect whiter in the middle) it morph back again to become a perfect round again. It was like a giant ball of energy, you could see it kinan "sparkle with black", rather hard to describe. I would like to mention that the moon crescent was 41% that night (and the moon was so much smaller). This was no mistake.

After that, it diseapered. About 3-4 seconds after, a few kilometers away up front more to the right, an orange "banana shape glow" (still foggy, hard to say it it was "it" itself of a reflection on the clouds from above) and was moving to the right (was mobile or slowly moving left at first), and then a v like shape appeared on "top" in the same type of material, then it stated to reform a ball, but it was like if 2 balls of orange glow with white in the middle were joining together. Then it diseapered again. It reaperead again this time more to the left, and started to glow again then you saw the contours was shapeshift (moving in a type collapsing on itself" type of way and diseapered again for good.

It was a rather half and half night (clear with clouds). No rain, but foggy in the morning. When we saw it at first, clouds were passing in front of "it" and even it we cannot tell how far and how big it was (it was like looking at the sun but without surronding light) it was HUGE. With the reflection on the clouds when it reapeared, you could put at least 6-7 planes side-by-side. At least. My estimate is of a minimum of 500m to 1km (MINIMUM)I live close to an airport, saw a few reports that looked like mine that mentionned that they were near airports as well, i think it may be good to say it.

As suprising as it is, even it it's almost impossible that no one else seen this, i have heard or seen nothing media wise near my area. This is the reason why i am scanning reports.

TV/Radio n/a