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Scarborough, Ontario

October 23rd 2007?

Black Spherical UFO Witnessed and Filmed Over Scarborough, Ontario

I would like to share another UFO sighting along with photographic evidence I'm not sure of the actual date this took place. The original picture shows October 23,2007. I know the time was about 11:40am that day in Scarborough that I do remember.

Having a late break and came outside to have a look about with a feeling. That feeling was specifically to see and film a UFO.

After being outside facing south for a couple minutes holding my camera in my hand I noticed something drop in altitude from the southwest of my position. It headed straight towards the hydro lines.

Watching it noted it to be very dark black –spherical shaped – 360.

As I watched and took three pictures within twenty seconds of it's movements. The object moved along the lines and then turned south down another set of hydro lines.

Maybe after 30- 40 seconds in total witnessing this black UFO I lost sight of it !

I was pleased to have that feeling actually happened as well capturing it on film. Guess I was lucky to capture the moment.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures revealing many black spots – embedded dirt particles. This old overused camera was ready for retirement. The good news is the actual subject did get filmed.

If it is to be believed it's only a balloon I found it's speed and behavior following the hydro lines very strange.

Also examining the size along the line/s could this object be drawing power from the hydro lines ?

Just a observation !

Special thanks to Serge for picture enhancement.

Paul Shishis

Original photo

Original photo enhanced

Enhanced photo

Enhanced photo

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