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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

November 17th 2007 : Sunbury & Elgin, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Sunbury Ontario, Elgin, Ontario

Date: November 17th 2007

Time: 6:30p.m. and 11:30p.m.

Number of witnesses: First sighting 2 witnesses, Second sighting 4 witnesses

Number of objects: Three in 1st. sighting and two in 2nd. sighting

Shape of objects: One object was square looking and the other was rounded with landing gear. Lots of flashing lights on them.

Weather Conditions: Clear weather with lots of visible stars that could be seen.

Description: My first sighting was seen moving from a distance and seem to be moving over a barn at about 6:30. I said to my husband who was in the car with me, "What was that moving by with hugh orange amber lights on it." He didn't see it.

My second sighting was a few more miles down the road from Sunbury, Ontario and this was along the road with no houses near by. It was very close to the road and I stopped and got out of my car to see it. It appeared to be of a square with a platform around it with many lights flashig and a antena of lights on the platform around this ship. It made no sound but had a beam of light that came straight down from the middle of the platfrom, it also had flashing orange amber lights on it. Looked like a tower was decending from this beaming light that came straight down.

My third sighting was about 20 more miles down the road, that was near Elgin, Ontario on Highway 15. It was in a open field with no house aound it. This UFO appeared to be round with orange amber and red lights and landing gear on the bottem of the ship with lights shining down from the ship. The landing gear had lights on them and they appeared to be green/blue and white. There also seamed to have a beaming straight light coming down from the middle of this ship and lights that dropped from the ship. We watched this movement from this ship for about 15 minutes. All of these UFO's seamed to be very close to the ground. About the hight of a very large apartment house. We seamed to be very close to them from our car and road side.

We were in route to Smith Falls, Ontario for a birthday party and my husband and I were the only two that seen these UFO's. I told my story at the party and everyone laughted at us. Told me I was on drugs or drinking too much. I don't go either. On our return home and our second sightings of UFO's, my brother and his wife traveled home ahead of us because they had car troubles and I followed them. On our way home I encountered these sighing again and I flicked my lights to have my brother stop along the roadside to see them. They didn't know what was happening or why I flicked my lights until they stopped and we looked at the UFO's again. This time they appeared to be closer than I had seen them the first time at 6:30p.m. but appeared to be of the same shapes and same lights. Our trip home time was about 11:40p.m. With the Elgin, sighting first and Sunbury, sighting second. This was very weird and scarey to watch. First time I have seen a UFO but for my brother it had been his second time. His first time was back in the sixtys. I wished I had my camera but unfortunity I did not.

TV/Radio Not reported