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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

January 6th 2008 : SW Of Calgary, Alberta

SW Of Calgary, Alberta Humming Noise Coming From UFO

Date: January 6, 2008
Time: Evening.

January 6, 2008, it was a Sunday evening, it was cold and I had my window open. It was dark outside and my 3 year old cat insisted I have the window open, so he could sit on the ledge like always. I wasn't aware of what the time was, I'm usually up late. It was probably 5 minutes into the window being open that I heard a humming noise outside my window, I decided to ignore it because I was to busy to bother with it. It got louder and the noise that I heard was like that of a whirring, if you understand that. It was audible enough for anyone to hear, so I went back to working on my computer, I was thinking about the humming noise, wondered what it was, but forgot all about it. So then it was dead quiet and my cat jumped down and onto my desk and sat in front of my screen and started to get ticked off at me. He gets this way if he doesn't want to be touched, I didn't even touch him. So I move my chair back from him and sat there watching him, when he hissed at me.

My cat just sat there staring at nothing. I tried to call his attention, but he never budged, so thinking this is weird I finally got up and I turned my lights off and my monitor to my pc off and I stood right where my cat used to be, our outdoor light should automatically come on, it didn't. I was really scared, because most things like ghosts don't bother me, this did, it wasn't a ghost, this was something more stranger than that.

I closed the window really quick and walked out to the kitchen to get the garbage then I went to my sliding door in one of our back rooms and I opened it to put the garbage out and as I got out there, I saw a bright light in the sky, it was in view of my backyard. I left my cats in and I just stood there watching to see if it would move, well it moved alright, back and forth, then it stopped.

I'm thinking is this light trying to mock me for some reason. When I turned to deal with my cats fighting, when I looked back it was gone. This light was bigger than any star and it's behavior was different than any shooting star. Even outside I'm sure after this all happened and the light left, I went to the front of my house to look and see if there was anything I could attribute it to (humming), there wasn't a thing I could see making that. Most things don't scare me, because I'm into the paranormal and I investigate ghosts and hauntings.

I live in the SW part of Calgary, not even 5 minutes away from Heritage Park, so people in Calgary can get an idea of where this happened and perhaps they saw something too, January 6, 2008.

Now here is where it gets weird, a friend of mine who doesn't want to be interviewed or even talk about it, said to me, so I guess you had an interesting evening and I said, when did this occur? She said Sunday night and she told me that I should of paid closer attention. I'm thinking ok, and closer attention to what? They are aware of you, and that's all she said. I'm thinking ok and who are they that are aware of me? She said, it's not my job to explain this to you, she said in time it will be made known. Ok, I thought whatever. People who have this ability Brian to know more than we do, she shocked me and said that I to have this gift, yes I know I do, but it's a matter of how to harness it and use it properly. So whomever or whatever this was, hasn't been back since.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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