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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

January 11th 2008 : Kingston, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kingston Ontario (Greenwood Park) East. Beside the Military Base

Date: 11 Jan 2008

Time: 11:19 pm

Number of witnesses: 2 (my husband and I)

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: I could only see large lights (x4), each light was going in seperate directions. It seemed to be a round shape ref. the lights.

Weather Conditions: A very foggy night with stonger than mild winds. Not much snow outside.Cold, winter jacket needed.

Description: My husband took the dogs outside before going to bed and ran in the house to tell me to come and see this. So I ran outside on the front porch and saw 4 Large lights (normal white light colour). It seemed to be a shape of a circle. The lights going in different directions, like if you were in a dance club or if you would be at a live show (you know those large lights they use on stage) I could not see what it was because it was a very foggy night! My husband said it might be from the airport, but that could not be. The airport is not near here. It was so quiet outside all we heard was the winter wind and it was cold outside.

And the lights were not stopping. We were outside for 4-5 mins perhaps a bit more. I took a picture and a mini movie from my camera but we can hardly see anything because of the fog and because it was night time. But live the light was very strong. We questioned ourselves and wondered. We knew this was perhaps something out of the ordinary but told each other it couldnt be.. BUT.. This evening I was watching the CTV News @ 11pm (Canada)and they had a story from Stephenville Texas, and one of the men was saying that he saw the same thing I saw.. The lights going different directions as well 40 people from that town saw things as well.. So Now I know that what I saw was not normal and I am not crazy!!

TV/Radio No Because my husband and I didnt now who to call and didnt want to let people think that we were crazy!!


On January 26th 2008 UFOINFO received the following message regarding this sighting:


Can you contact the couple who posted the UFO sighting from Kingston Ontario from a few weeks ago. There is a university in Kingston (which they should know about) called Queen's and there is a dance club on campus, where that night, we had strobe lights aimed into the sky, which could have been interpreted as UFOS...but they weren't. I just wanted to let them know that there were no UFOs last week



On February 6th 2008 UFOINFO received the following message regarding the comment above:

Description: Just commenting about lights on army base.

I live across from army base, way closer than Queens University. And if the lights that couple seen were bright, it sure did not come from those lights they flash in the sky. Not possible.

Just my opinon.