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Lake Ontario/Whitby Township

January 24th 2008

Multicolored Lights Witnessed and Filmed Over Lake Ontario

Being in the month of January I thought to share a sighting going back January 24,2008 over Lake Ontario

While traveling along Hwy 401 eastbound in the Whitby Township, at about 7:00pm on Jan. 24, 2008 there I could see southeast a very bright multicolored light over Lake Ontario.

So curious I turned off highway 401 into Whitby and then headed off southbound on Thickson Road. I then turned east along Bloor Street into Oshawa township. I stopped at a Best Buy store parking lot to the back of building for a better view.

I got out of my car with a analog camcorder and tried to film it over Lake Ontario. Within 40 seconds, my camcorder loss battery power. I then returned to the car and retrieved my digital camera 3.8MP. I took 10 pictures and 3 short video clips

My distance from the lake was approximately two miles away.

This bright multicolored light appeared to stay stationary over the lake about 2-3 miles away from the shoreline or more. Another guess from my position in total maybe 5-7 miles away. Altitude at maybe between 3-5000 feet or higher.

After about 20 minutes observing and filming this bright spectacle I then left due to low chilly temperature. So I went on travelling north into Oshawa to my home. As soon as I got out of my car at home on the driveway I noticed a very low plane with a bright light in the front fly over my house. The direction the plane was heading southeast same direction I just came from.

I have one photo and a short clip to share in photographic evidence. This one still shot illustrates the different colors associated.

I do believe this short video clip has captured something else close over the lake that the naked eye did NOT see.

Please note : After looking into my picture archives I could not find the original photo or this short video clip. Yet do have the enhancement of the original picture.

Enhanced image. Click for full size
Click image for full size

Here is a copy of the short video clip that I posted some time back on the tube


Special thanks to Serge for picture enhancement

Paul Shishis

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