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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

January 27th 2008 : Near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia Meteor Sighting ?

Date: January 27, 2008
Time: 1:19 a.m.

Location of Sighting: Near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Meteor, long fire ball with green tail.

Full Description of event/sighting: Sitting at home on computer early in the morning (Saturday night) really Sunday morning just after 1:00am. I heard a noise, hard to describe really because I wasn't really paying attention. You see, I live where large trucks (18 wheelers) run by day and night. I can hear them coming for about a half kilometer, then as they get past my house they begin to 'jake break' all the way down the hill (about 1 km.) All this happens day-in day-out and with the combination of having the all windows closed (winter and all) and the fact I've gotten so used to them passing by that I pay no attention, in fact, I just don't really notice them. As this noise passed by (a truck I thought), I did finally clue into the fact that this was particularly loud, not like the usual, but still just a noise. So I didn't bother having a look. After a short time, maybe a minute, not sure (still not really paying attention), I heard a crash/smash type sound. Nothing exceptionally unusual, just like something large hitting something else large.

I also felt a small shake. (very small, but noticeable). Still believing that a large noisy truck just went by I thought to myself, "did that truck just hit the bridge?". About 3 km away there is a large bridge. I listened intently, then thought nothing more of it. Fast forward, Tuesday 29 Jan 2008, a co-worker begins to relate a story of a meteor that he and a friend saw. This is the real reason that I am writing, if not for his story I may have never thought any more of the 'noisy truck incident'.

His story: He and a friend were snowmobiling near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia late at night (Saturday/Sunday). They were stopped for a break. Suddenly the sky began to get brighter (almost like daylight) and they heard a noise.

They watched an object in the distance pass in front of them very rapidly. Some conversation such as "is that a plane going down ?", "no it's way too fast, too bright, and traveling too horizontal for a plane, crashing or not". They spoke more, including checking the time on their watch, 1:19am. The description is, a large object that looked like the classic sci-fi movie meteor, ball of fire, mostly white-ish toward the front tapering off in a long tail with red/orange colors in center area and a green tail. The speed was remarkable, though it was huge, it came and went fast. They had a large area of the sky that was clear and visible and yet it covered that in very little time. Then they heard a crash and felt the ground shake. He has since spoken to another friend of his that was on the 102 highway at about that time heading toward Truro and this person says that he witnessed an object that sounds a lot like the same thing. The trajectory, as best he can guess would be coming from the East or North-East heading West or North West. This would mean it passed within sight of and likely between Tatamagouche and New Glasgow and in line with Advocate Harbour.

He can not be certain, no real reference for him to use, just land marks that he knows of in the area. A few degrees difference of course could mean hundreds of miles difference in the estimated trajectory. The hook: I know I wasn't paying any attention, but I know what I heard. I also feel he (my co-worker) is a reliable witness, though I don't know the person he was with or the other person he spoke with that was on the highway. The thing is, I would be about 60Km from where he was (as the crow flies), and his buddy on the highway would be better than 70 Km from my friend (as the crow flies) and yet still 15 Km from myself (by crow). This puts all of us in a triangle like pattern. The thing is, if I heard all this, including the crash (and possibly felt some shake), that should mean that this was a large incident that hundreds should have seen or at least felt and possibly heard. Also, something this large, must have been tracked by someone's radar. What is going on ? Why have I not heard a word otherwise ?

Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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