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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

February 8th 2008 : South Of Ottawa, Ontario

South Of Ottawa Ontario 3 Unusual Lights In A Linear Order

Date: February 8, 2008
Time: Approx: 9:30 - 10:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: South of Ottawa Ontario, Highway 416 about 4 km before 401 on ramp.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Spherical linear array of lights irregular patterns.

Full Description of event/sighting: I apologize, as it has been months since I have chosen to further research any other sightings of our strange experience. I'm not certain anymore, exactly how many weeks following the 2008 new years this occurred although I know it was a Friday. My girlfriend and I were late leaving Ottawa on our way to see family in Martintown. In order to make up for lost time we chose to get their via 416. We had been driving for only about half an hour to 45 minutes when we were approaching the split that directs you onto the 401 heading east. Our conversation was abruptly interrupted when we both witnessed something very abnormal in the sky. Before either of us had the chance comment we observed 3 brighter than usual lights appear in linear order to the east of the highway.

They than disappeared as they appeared (1 light on, second, than third and vise-versa). Within seconds of the third light disappearing, the 3 lights reappeared to the western side of the highway (much further west than east to the highway). The lights reappeared in a different pattern consisting of second, third, then first and quickly disappeared in yet a different pattern third, first, then second never to be seen by us again. That was our experience. We are young adults although we grew up in that very area and are well aware of aircraft lights and all land based structures containing lights and their patterns. As skeptics ourselves we thought logically and attempted to rationalize the sighting, although everything we were able to rule out. I will never forget it, and we could not have been the only ones to witness it. If there is any one out there that can recall the same experience please email me, I am very curious. Either we witnessed something remarkable or we saw one hell of a plane.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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